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Deep Space Pride #107: The One With 1701 A Blerd Story Creator Matt Jennings

We’ve returned from a short hiatus with a special guest! This week we have Matt Jennings, fellow Star Trek fan and member of the LGBTQIA+ community. As a multi-talented artist who has pursued a career in the performing arts, Matt has spearheded 1701: A Blerd Story – a self referential web series that examines his...

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SyFy Sistas 3.07: The Star Trek Cruise VI Recap

Just sit back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of The Star Trek Cruise. All the Sistas went this year. All the Sistas had a blast. Good friends, good music, good times. Bad news on the last day of the cruise when Doug Jones confirmed that our beloved Star Trek Discovery will come to...

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Rewind #039: Deja Q

Deja Q! Have we met before? It’s that time listeners… Haley and Sara have watched, discussed and recorded their thoughts on the epic TNG Season 3 episode Deja Q. Q arrives without clothes and without powers and boy do we have something to say about that! We also have some laughs and tears while discussing...

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With The First Link 2.17: Samaritan Snare

TNG: SEASON 1, EPISODE 17 LaForge is placed in grave danger when the Enterprise responds to distress call from the Pakleds who need things to make them go…like our chief engineer! On a shuttlecraft road-trip with Wesley, Picard shares details of his “cocky” youth which led to a (literally) broken heart requiring surgery. But the...

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Con Pod #011: Introduction to STLV, Part 1

How to Vegas In this month’s episode of the ConPod, we are joined by the host of the WeeklyTrek podcast Alex Perry, one of the hosts of the Trek Geeks podcast Bill Smith and, for her 2nd apperance on the ConPod, Brooke Horton. Our panel will do a deep dive introduction to the 57 Year...

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SyFy Sistas 3.06: The Life and Times of Andreea Kindryd

Author Andreea Kindryd Andreea Kindryd joined the Sistas from Australia for a chat about her sampler book “From Slavery to Star Trek.” Ms. Kindryd drops names of 1960’s icons, a little bit of Star Trek and letters from Octavia Butler. Thank you to Larry “Dr. Trek” Nemececk for telling us about Ande’s book at the...

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Discovering Trek: Star Trek Discovery CANCELED

BREAKING NEWS In this special breaking news edition of Discovering Trek, Bill Smith, Ron Wrobel, and Mike Bovia discuss the announcement by Paramount+ that Star Trek: Discovery will end after Season 5.

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Rewind #038: Genesis

Haley and Sara are back and we couldn’t be more excited. Picard S3 has our Trek juices flowing! Join us this week as we break down that spooky TNG Season 7 episode GENESIS. Not only that we talk Picard at the end of the episode (with a spoiler warning of course) and I share my...

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