Drawn To Trek #001: New Emotion Chip Data!


What’s the best part of modern Star Trek? Surprises! And surprises are what we got this week!

On Monday there was a 15 second micro-trailer for season 2 of Lower Decks premiering in about a month and then on Wednesday CBS announced that toy company Playmates has been awarded the license for action figures, vehicles, ships, and role play toys for all Star Trek properties! Playmates will launch its new Star Trek toy line in 2022 following the premiere of Star Trek: Prodigy, the first Star Trek series aimed at younger audiences—and yes even more so than the original animated series.

Join Aaron Harvey with co-host John Cooley, product designer, writer and professional Trekkie, as they talk Blues Brothers, Lower Decks and Mego action figures on this first episode of Drawn to Trek!

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