Drawn To Trek: Meeting the Crew

Animated Discussion

Welcome to Drawn To Trek a new podcast from Trek Geeks! We will be covering ALL the animated Star Trek Series:

Star Trek: The Animated Series (TAS) Star Trek: Lower Decks (LDS) and Star Trek: Prodigy as well as 2 animated short treks and we get cheeky occasionally and look at some comic books!

Your hosts on this adventure will be:

Aaron Harvey, improvisor, graphic designer and co-author/designer of “Star Trek: The Official Guide to the Animated Series” @geekfilter on Twitter & Instagram

John Cooley, Product Designer, writer & professional Trekkie
@starshipgeek on Twitter

Jessie Gender, Youtuber, Video Producer & writer
@jessiegender on twitter and https://www.youtube.com/c/lostrekkie/ on YouTube

And Darren Moser, Maker of droids, sculptor of foam & cardboard and lover of all sci-fi!
@drscifi on Twitter & Instagram

So before we leave Spacedock, come and hang out in the lounge with us!