Discovering Trek: Short Treks – The Girl Who Made the Stars


When young Michael Burnham is scared about an approaching lightening storm in space, her father Mike tells her a wondrous story about a time when stars did not exist in the night sky and how a young girl helped her tribe overcome their fears.  She was “The Girl Who Made The Stars”!

Trek Geeks Dan and Bill discuss this new animated Short Trek episode and talk about whether it is a true “Star Trek” story.  Additionally they will discuss all of their likes and dislikes (if any).  Plus some awesome new pins are on the way from FanSets along with a special discount code only for Discovering Trek listeners!


Music for Discovering Trek is provided by Five Year Mission. They’re writing one song for each episode of The Original Series. Albums Year 1 – 4 are available now as well as Spock’s Brain and The Trouble With Tribbles! Find out more and download all their albums at