Discovering Trek: Short Treks – Q&A


In this bonus episode, Dan & Bill discuss Q & A, the first Short Trek of the season!  This 15 minute mini episode focuses on Ensign Spock’s first day on the Enterprise! After being greeted by Number 1, they get to know each other when they get stuck in a turbolift after a malfunction.  Questions, answers and songs abound in this first of 6 Short Treks for the season

The Trek Geeks will talk about their likes and dislikes for the episode, as well as give predictions on what happens next during their Long Range Scan.


Music for Discovering Trek is provided by Five Year Mission. They’re writing one song for each episode of The Original Series. Albums Year 1 – 4 are available now as well as Spock’s Brain and The Trouble With Tribbles! Find out more and download all their albums at