Discovering Trek: The Least Dangerous Game


Grab your bat’leths and prepare for an amazing quest, adventurers!  During their downtime, General Martok returns (kind of) to lead our Lower Deck crew on glorious quests and missions.  When on duty, Boimler decides he is going to change his ways and be more assertive, and that quickly puts him in danger with an alien who has targeted him as prey!  Meanwhile, Mariner is at odds with Ransom (again) during an away mission when he assigns the engineers to negotiate with the Dulainians while he and Mariner try and fix the big space elevator.  This assignment swap, as you can imagine, doesn’t go…well!

Dan, Sara and Kasey expose their navels and break down the second episode of Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 3 – The Least Dangerous Game!  Join us for some great fun and discussion!