Discovering Trek: Children of the Comet


This week Mike, Yvette, and Matthew, discuss the next episode of Strange New Worlds, “Children of the Comet.”

Captain Pike invites members of the crew to his quarters for dinner, and the party includes Cadet Uhura. We learn a lot about her background, including that she’s not sure if Starfleet is for her. She’s also a singer, but more on that later.

A rogue comet is going to strike an inhabited world and the Enterprise tries to alter its course, only to find out that there’s a structure on the comet. While a landing party heads over to try and figure out why this comet has a forcefield, the Enterprise comes across the Shepherds, who don’t want them to do anything to the comet, who they revere as a god.

Uhura figures out that the comet responds to music, and that is the basis of its language. Spock is able to break up the comet without touching it, using heat shields from a shuttle, making the Shepherds happy.

What did we think about the episode? Will Uhura continue her path in Starfleet? Find out on this episode of Discovering Trek: Strange New Worlds!