Discovering Trek: Dear Doctor


To Whom It May Concern:

We hope this episode finds you well. It has been roughly 7 days since our last correspondence and there have been quite a few happenings that have tested our fortitude. You may think that exaggeration is at play in this communique, but trust us dear reader, that is not the case. Two species going in different evolutionary directions, a doctor and a captain both struggling with what to do and not do and one crew member realizing that he is not as alone as he thought. Welcome to episode 13 of Discovering Trek: Enterprise!

This correspondence, Co-Hosts Sara and Kasey verbally write about the lack of relationships happening on Enterprise and the dilemmas faced by the first Starfleet crew out in deep space. Is Phlox obligated to try and save 50 million lives from a genetic disease and interfere with the natural development of the entire planet? Do Phlox and Cutler have a friendship or something more?
If you have not read the enclosed service manual… We recommend you do so. Life on a space craft can be as lonesome or as fulfilling as one decides to make it.

So much more to write to you, but for now just remember sometimes sharing a tub of popcorn is not just sharing a tub of popcorn.


Discovering Trek: Enterprise