Discovering Trek: Civilization


Discovering Trek listeners, welcome to our humble shop and to episode 9 of Discovering Trek: Enterprise! This episode, Co-Hosts Sara and Kasey discuss a first contact trip to the home of the Akaali. With a cloak here and a universal translator there, the crew do their best to blend in, break in and lean in.

Archer and Tucker make super unconvincing antique buyers, the alchemist Riian the smartest one in town is leading an investigation of her own and wouldn’t you know it, other aliens are up to some nasty shenanigans below the planet surface.

So how about we take the time to appreciate the intricate process of Akaali tea making and sip this episode without scalding our lips.

We talk all that and Archer’s weak kissing to cover not speaking the language skills. That’s not what native tongue means, Jonathan!

Sara and Kasey hope you’ll join them for a mystery meal on Discovering Trek: Enterprise. Come explore the First Frontier with us!