Discovering Trek: Breaking the Ice


So nice to see you again and welcome to episode 8 of Discovering Trek: Enterprise! This episode, Co-Hosts Sara and Kasey dive into a story that at times is as cold as ice, but underneath shows character warmth and growth.

What do a newly discovered comet, an arranged marriage, open flame on a starship, a uncomfortable dinner party and a snowman have in common? This episode!

We ponder if the Vulcans are being nosy overbearing interlopers or are their frequent “happen to be in the neighborhood” coincidences really to send T’Pol secret messages? Travis and Malcolm get all suited up to drill some eisilium. A price is personally paid by this crew for not yet trusting each other and a thaw in relations is begun. Like a warm slice of pecan pie baked by chef, this episode offers some sweet comfort.

We talk all that and discuss the hidden sculpting talent of one armory officer. Sara and Kasey hope you’ll join them, on Discovering Trek: Enterprise. Come explore the First Frontier with us!