Deep Space Pride #094: The One With Dr. Sam and Mental Health in Star Trek

So, the takeaway here is that holodeck addiction can potentially be a good thing, right?

While most of the gang is in Vegas for the 56-Year Mission, Mike and Johnson are stuck back in NYC – but that doesn’t mean they don’t have anything to talk about! This week, they have a special guest – Dr. Samuel Kim, who is an assistant professor of school psychology at the University of Denver. As a member of the LGBTQ community and a Star Trek fan, Dr. Sam brings a unique perspective to viewing Star Trek – particularly as it relates to mental health.

Our discussion ranges from examining Deanna Troi’s counseling technique, a look at Barclay’s addiction to the holodeck, and the portrayal of trauma in Star Trek. What can these examples from a fictional universe teach about mental health in the real world, and how do we go about addressing potential issues when we don’t have Vulcan mind melds or holodecks at our disposal? Listen and find out!

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