Deep Space Pride #085: A Classic Star Trek Story with a Moral Question

We definitely need more Star Trek episode titles that are long and difficult to remember.

Mike still has COVID, but he’s recovering – in the meantime, he’s fully taking advantage of his isolation to catch up on some great TV! We accidentally go down an Off Topic rabbit hole at the beginning of the episode to discuss what he’s watching, including The Morning Show and For All Mankind. We dive a bit deeper into the latter, and discuss how shows such as For All Mankind and The Expanse are great at bringing to life how dangerous space can be.

We then get into this week’s SNW episode, “Lift Us Where Suffering Cannot Reach,” which we both thoroughly enjoyed. We dive deeper into this episode’s use of metaphor for our society today, the hopes and fallacies of humanity at large, and our thoughts on the reality of Gene Roddenberry’s vision.