Deep Space Pride #071: The One with Two Episodes of Discovery and the Picard Premiere

The only thing that Paramount seems to be doing right is putting more money into Trek.

We only took a week off, but it feels like an eternity! Mike and Johnson have a lot to catch up on – they not only chat about two episodes of Discovery (“Rubicon” and “The Galactic Barrier”), but also touch on the season 2 premiere of Picard (“The Star Gazer”)!

When it comes to Discovery, we celebrate some of the finer moments that explore the character relationships, but also bemoan how the writers seem to pick the most inappropriate times for people to share their stories. We also wonder how much longer the show is going to drag out the 10-C reveal, while Mike is secretly hoping that someone spaces Tarka ASAP.

As for Picard, we decide to just lightly touch on the premiere to prevent this episode from becoming a three hour tour. Biggest takeaway – NO to Picard and Laris please!