Deep Space Pride #059: The One Where Mike and Johnson Have Too Much To Discuss

Dal finally becomes less annoying on Prodigy, while Michael Burnham makes a triumphant and tearful return.

So much Star Trek to discuss! First, we celebrate the 25-year anniversary of Star Trek: First Contact, arguably the best TNG movie ever! Where were we? What were we doing? And how have we grown since then?? We then move onto discussing TWO Star Trek episodes – Prodigy’s “Terror Firma” and Discovery’s “Kobayashi Maru.” We loved the “mid” mid-season (?) finale of Prodigy, which has Dal finally doing something other than being annoying, and some great moments for our characters. We also loved (shocking) the season premiere of Discovery, though we’re not without our qualms (not shocking) – and Mike totally owes Johnson a drink because there WAS crying in this episode!