Reserve Activation Clause

Back before there was ever a Trek Geeks Podcast, there was a blog that was Trek Geeks. Perhaps it’s better stated as an attempt at a blog.

I registered the Trek Geeks domain about 12 or 13 years ago and just held on to it, I knew it would be a platform for Dan and I, but I always figured that writing would be the way to go.

…and then we realized that wasn’t something that fit. At least not for us.  So, about five years ago, the Trek Geeks blog died off and shortly thereafter the Trek Geeks Podcast was born.

Now that Trek Geeks is an actual Podcast Network, it occurs to us that our hosts have thoughts and opinions and some of those may not fit the confines of their show or the content they normally cover. There have been times where Dan and I have skipped a topic because we had feelings on it, but it wasn’t right for the show necessarily.

So, the Trek Geeks Blog is back as part of the website!  Think of it as the Reserve Activation Clause. From time to time the hosts on the network will post here with opinions and writings on various Trek topics–but this site is not news. We won’t be breaking any stories here or doing conventional reporting because there are a bunch of sites that do that so much better and are equipped for that very thing. (, I’m lookin’ at you.)  But there are times when we’ll want to react to news and other developments, and this gives us the forum to do that.

We hope you’ll check us out from time to time.