Introducing Infinite Trek


Along with our friends at _outpost_13, we are pleased and excited to announce the debut of INFINITE TREK: Exploring the Star Trek Universe!

Infinite Trek will cover EVERYTHING Star Trek from animation to live action, comics to novels, from games to real life tech—if it’s Star Trek or even Star Trek adjacent, it’s here!

So, get ready to talk about Trek no matter what your knowledge level is. Whether you’ve been watching since the 1960s or just discovered Star Trek 47 minutes ago, we welcome you!

Hosted by Aaron Harvey and Brandi Jackola, Infinite Trek will premiere August 1st and stream live on Twitch, Saturdays at 11:00am PT/2:00pm ET ( and drop Mondays as an audio-only podcast on the Trek Geeks Podcast Network!


Aaron Harvey
Twitter & Instagram: @geekfilter

Brandi Jackola
Twitter: @brandiwine12

ABOUT _outpost_13

_outpost_13 is a twitch channel that provides an accessible sanctuary for artists, creators, and unsung storytellers to realize their imagination. _outpost_13 also strives to be a space for every fandom to properly geek out on everything awesome.
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