Discovering Trek: Season 2 Wrap-Up Spectacular

WRAPPING UP THE SEASON! In this Bonus episode, Dan & Bill talk about their favorite and least favorite moments of Star Trek: Discovery’s sophomore season. From Section 31, to Control, to Captain Pike, Mister Spock, Reno, Saru, Burnham, Talos IV and so many others, there are so many aspects of the season worthy of discussion. …

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Discovering Trek: S1 Wrap-Up Extravaganza

SPOILER ALERT In our Season 1 Wrap-Up Extravaganza, Dan & Bill are joined by special guest Ken Ray from Mission Log: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast to talk about the Star Trek: Discovery’s entire first season.  We’ll look at some favorite moments from the season, discuss what we think the show might have done differently,…

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Trek Geeks #73: STLV Wrap-Up

VIVA GEEK VEGAS! It seems like forever since we’ve sat down and recorded a standard Trek Geeks episode, and we’re back with our wrap-up of the amazing 2016 Las Vegas Star Trek Convention! We met so many amazing people during the convention, one of whom was one of our favorite podcasters: Norman Lao from Trek.FM…

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