The Tricorder Transmissions

Trek Geeks #68: Shore Leave Crossover

TWO WEEKS TO GO! It is certainly no secret how much we love the folks over at Tricorder Transmissions, and specifically Shore Leave!  Heather, Jeff and the whole team are amazing and bring listeners awesome information about conventions each and every week! As STLV gets closer and closer and the excitement continues to build, we…

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Trek Geeks #63: See-It or Skip-It: TAS

CROSS-OVER! We’re back with another episode of See-It or Skip-It this week, but this time we’re taking on an entire series–but this time, it’s something very different! Star Trek: The Animated Series ran for 22 episodes between 1973 and 1974 on Saturday mornings, and it’s one of the most debated and contested entries in the…

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