Star Trek Into Darkness

Trek Geeks #83: Khan Noonien Singh

SUPERIOR ABILITY BREEDS SUPERIOR AMBITION This week we focus on the greatest adversary Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the Starship Enterprise ever faced! We speak, of course, of Khan Noonien Singh! We’ll examine the backstory of this genetically-engineered super human, look at his appearances in Star Trek and talk about the character’s…

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Trek Geeks #59: The JJ-verse

LOTS OF LENS FLARE! Ever since the reboot of Star Trek took place in 2009, there have been polarizing opinions on the so called “JJ-verse”  This week, Dan and Bill tackle this controversial topic and give their insights into what they like and what they don’t like about this alternate timeline. It seems that the…

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IDW’s Khan Tie-In Comics Coming Soon

SFX Magazine (UK) has posted a new interview with writer Mike Johnson, who is writing the “Star Trek: Khan” comics for IDW. These issues will provide an origin story for Khan that tie directly into the events of “Star Trek Into Darkness.” Johnson talks about the issues and, in particular, how he tried to bring…

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