Season 5

Trek Geeks #154: See It or Skip It: DS9 Season 5

WHICH EPISODES WOULD YOU SKIP? We continue our celebration of Deep Space Nine’s 25th Anniversary with yet another installment of See It or Skip It! This time, we’ll examine Season 5 of DS9 and joining us to referee is our dear friend (and one of our original fans) Hayley Stoddart from Trek.FM’s Standard Orbit! She’ll…

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TNG Season 5 BluRay Trailer Released

Season 4 isn’t even on shelves yet and CBS has released the trailer for Star Trek: The Next Generation’s fifth season on BluRay! ¬†With a release date yet to be determined, the set features all 26 episodes including the landmark two-part “Unification” featuring Leonard Nimoy as Ambassador Spock. The set features video in 1080p high…

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