Trek Geeks #50: Relics

THAT’S NO MOON …it’s a Dyson Sphere!  This week, the Trek Geeks take on an episode considered beloved by Star Trek fans all over the globe–“Relics,” from Star Trek: The Next Generation. The Starship Enterprise discovers a Federation ship that crashed on a Dyson sphere more than seventy-five years ago. On board, there’s a single…

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2013 Hallmark Ornaments Arrive This Weekend

Hallmark Cards celebrates 40 years of their Keepsake Ornaments with their Premiere Event at all Hallmark Gold Crown Stores this weekend, July 13-14, 2013. They are offering many special offers on their line of ornaments and, in addition, Hallmark is also offering a special bonus for their Crown Rewards Members: Crown Rewards Members: Receive 200 Bonus…

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Thoughts on Into Darkness

BEWARE SPOILERS! If you haven’t seen the film “Star Trek Into Darkness” yet, read no further!  This posting contains spoilers and will ruin key elements of the film if you proceed!  ============================================================================ Into Trekness I’ve come to believe that there is a new “third rail” in conversations.  You know, those topics that you just avoid…

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