Trek Geeks #106: Star Trek Nemesis

WAS IT THE PROPER SEND-OFF? “Can you learn to see in the dark, Captain?” – Shinzon It was a dark movie. Literally and figuratively.  It ended up being the last of the Star Trek movies with the TNG cast.  But was it a worthy finale?? This week, the Trek Geeks will give their take on Star…

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2013 Hallmark Ornaments Arrive This Weekend

Hallmark Cards celebrates 40 years of their Keepsake Ornaments with their Premiere Event at all Hallmark Gold Crown Stores this weekend, July 13-14, 2013. They are offering many special offers on their line of ornaments and, in addition,¬†Hallmark is also offering a special bonus for their Crown Rewards Members: Crown Rewards Members: Receive 200 Bonus…

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