Trek Geeks #111: STLV Recap

DISCOVERING DISCOVERY STLV is the biggest Trek Family Reunion on the planet, and this week we’re joined by family member Adam Drosin to talk about the big events of Creation Entertainment’s Official 2017 Star Trek Convention in Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada! Plus–our Cosplay For Good campaign was a HUGE SUCCESS and we’ll update the fund…

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Trek Geeks #109: TNG’s 10 Worst

NO WRONG ANSWERS We’re joined this week by our great friend Enterprise Extra–Jim Moorhouse from the Trek Ranks Podcast and to consider the ten worst episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation! Even bad Star Trek is worth watching, but these ones are at the bottom of our respective lists! We’re following the Trek…

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Trek Geeks #94: Chain of Command

THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS! This week we take a look at the two-part Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, “Chain of Command!” Picard is captured and tortured by the Cardassians? Riker is relieved of his duties? Troi has to wear a standard uniform? Data wears Command red? This is perhaps one of TNG’s darkest episodes,…

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