DS9 25

Trek Geeks #157: Take Me Out to the Holosuite

WORLD SERIES WEEK! It’s the Great American Pastime in Space! One of Deep Space Nine’s most memorable outings has to be the seventh season episode, “Take Me Out to the Holosuite.” Sisko accepts the challenge of a Vulcan nemesis in his favorite sport, putting the honor of the DS9 senior staff on the line! It’s…

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Trek Geeks #155: Waltz

A DESCENT INTO MADNESS He was the Prefect of Bajor and later the Leader of the Cardassian Union. On Stardate 51408.6, though, Gul Dukat held another notable title: Prisoner. …of the United Federation of Planets, and to the voices in his own head. We’ll take a look at this amazing sixth season episode of Star…

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Trek Geeks #125: DS9 25

DS9’s SILVER ANNIVERSARY On January 3, 1993, Star Trek’s second live-action spin-off series hit the airwaves and featured a completely different setting and mission! Over the years, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine has grown in popularity and is finally getting the love and respect it so richly deserves. This week, Bill and Dan consider the…

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