Supplemental #8: Superbowl Stump The Geek


Superbowl Stump The GeekIt’s the biggest stage.

It’s the ultimate competition.

It’s a national past time.

Football?  Heck, no! We’re talking, of course, about the return of Stump The Geek and this time, it’s Superbowl Sized! Dan will have to answer double the amount of questions in addition to one mega bonus.

It won’t be easy, especially since some of the questions came from our Camp Khitomer Facebook Group!

Will Dan be victorious and bring home the STG trophy?  Find out in this special supplemental episode!


The Official Theme of Stump The Geek is “Miri,” by our great friends in FIVE YEAR MISSION! Go and get their Year One album RIGHT NOW and hear the rest of the amazing tracks! They’re writing an original song for each episode of The Original Series and every one of them is bound to become a favorite of yours.

Check out their website at and show them some love! They may even be playing at an event in your neck of the woods!


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