Supplemental #5: STLV50 Podcast Summit


SE005This will be an episode of Trek Geeks unlike any other!

Why is that you ask? Well, that’s because it’s largely hosted by two amazing podcasters! (Well, OK…ONE amazing podcaster and also John Champion.)

Return with us now to the Sunday of STLV50! Dan was off getting his DS9-themed tattoo and Bill was one of the invited panelists on the Roddenberry Stage for the Podcasting Summit, hosted by Mission Log!

Eight Star Trek podcasts were represented to talk about the focus of their respective shows, the challenges and rewards of podcasting, and how they determine success among other topics.

We can’t thank the folks at Roddenberry Entertainment enough for allowing us to share the stage with so many amazing people and for making this audio available. It was a true honor to be included with such amazing talent.

We definitely encourage you to check out the podcasts of the assembled panel at their links below:


John Champion & Ken Ray
Mission Log: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast


Women at Warp
Lisa Guetzkow
Aaron Harvey
Saturday Morning Trek
Terry Lynn Shull
The G & T Show
Priority One Podcast
Bill Smith
Trek Geeks
Kayla Iacovino
Trek Movie Shuttlepod



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