Supplemental #3: Star Trek Beyond Press Event

Star Trek Beyond Press Event


Last week, Paramount held a screening of Star Trek Beyond for the media and hosted a press event the following day. was there, and thanks to Laura Sirikul, we have the audio!

You’ll hear Scott Mantz from Access Hollywood moderate two panels: one with the cast of Star Trek Beyond featuring Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban and others, and one with the production team including producer J.J. Abrams, director Justin Lin, as well as writers Simon Pegg and Doug Jung.

It goes without saying that this audio contains spoilers of some nature, so if you haven’t seen Star Trek Beyond yet, GO NOW! It opens today!


Music for this Supplemental Episode was performed by Giancarlo C. Check out his YouTube channel and see his full performance of the Star Trek movie theme below!

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