Supplemental #2: Vic Mignogna

Come Not Between the Dragons w/ Vic MignognaSPOILER ALERT

In our second Supplemental Episode in as many weeks, we’re joined by our great friend Vic Mignogna to talk about the latest episode from Star Trek Continues, “Come Not Between the Dragons!”

We’ll talk about Captain Kirk’s evolution as a leader, the creation of the Usdi character, and some of the challenges in shooting an eight foot tall creature. Plus, Vic will tell us about some of the reactions he’s received in email regarding this amazing episode.

If you haven’t seen Episode 6, please know there are spoilers in this episode and we do talk about specific plot details in this podcast. We hope you’ll watch “Come Not Between the Dragons” and then come back for our conversation with the amazing Vic Mignogna!



(If you are unable to see the embedded video above, please click here to watch “Come Not Between the Dragons.”)


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