On the Sixth Day of Shatnermas…


The 6th Night of Shatnermas is upon us and, on this day we will look at some of The Shat’s appearances in other Science Fiction productions!

It almost seems weird to see someone so iconic and so identified with one legendary character in Science Fiction appear in other movies and television shows, but The Shat does what The Shat wants. The first clip tonight, is from Shatner’s appearance on the NBC television series, “seaQuest DSV.”

seaQuest was NBC’s poor attempt at developing a program like “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and, to make matters worse, they figured that the name power of Executive Producer Steven Speilberg would make people flock to the show. Shatner played an ousted dictator named Milos Teslov in the episode, “Hide and Seek,” that premiered in February of 1994.

Note graphic under Shatner when he appears on the video screen. It includes the letters JTK NCC1701!

(To see The Shat and his fake mustache in all its glory, click here.)

A longer clip from the same appearance can be found here:

William Shatner 1994 SeaQuest DSV 01×17 Hide…

But then, who could forget “Airplane II: The Sequel!”

Lest we forget the lesson we learned in Fanboys in 2008 that he’s William Shatner and he can score anything…

(Score this clip on YouTube, here.)

In 2002, The Shat wrote the story for, directed, and starred in the Area 51 movie “Groom Lake.” This clip also features veteran actor Dick Van Patten from “Eight is Enough” fame, Amy Acker from “Angel”, and Dan Gauthier who played Lovell on the TNG episode, “The Lower Decks.”

(If you’re unable to see the embedded clip above, it’s part of the Government conspiracy to cover up contact with aliens at Area 51, so click here.)

In 2005, Sci-Fi and reality television combined when The Shat produced and starred in “Invasion Iowa.” It was a scam on the good people of Riverside, Iowa–the future birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk–where he made them think he had come to put them in a science fiction movie and they had NO IDEA it was actually a reality show to play a prank on them.

William Shatner Reality 2005 Invasion Iowa

Lastly tonight, we look at The Shat’s TekWar! ¬†TekWar was a series of television movies and eventual episodes based on his novel series of the same name. ¬†Shatner played Walter Bascom, the head of a private security firm who employs the series’ main protagonist, Jake Cardigan (played by Greg Evigan).

(Until someone takes it down, the entire 90 minute TekWar television movie is up on YouTube.)

That does it for the Sixth of Shatnermas! Tomorrow night is the penultimate evening of celebration and we’ll look at random clips from throughout The Shat’s career.