On the Third Day of Shatnermas…


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, fellow Geeks! The time when we celebrate the majesty and the talent of the one and only William Shatner!

Today we’ll look at The Shat’s acting roles outside of the Star Trek world. One of my favorites is a western called White Comanche where Shatner plays a dual role–cowboy Johnny Moon and his Indian half-brother, Notah. ¬†Believe it or not, I actually have this movie on DVD. It was filmed in Spain in 1968, between Star Trek’s second and third seasons.

I’ve heard of Spaghetti Westerns, but a cowboy movie made in Spain?! A Paella Western, perhaps??

(If you’re unable to see the epic awesomeness that is “White Comanche,” please…for the love of Shatner, click here.)

Then, there’s the 1977 B-Horror classic, “Kingdom of the Spiders!” ¬†In this clip, The Shat talks about his experience making that movie.

(If you’re not weirded out by spiders and can’t see the embedded clip above, click here.)

Of course, who could forget the 80’s television series, “T.J. Hooker?!” In this clip. Shatner and Adrian Zmed wrestle around a little bit and…uh…Bill gets him in a bit of a compromising position… (This embed has been fixed to show the clip I originally intended. SORRY!)

(If you can’t see Shat pin Zmed, then you totally should click here.)

But then, there’s always The Shat’s performance as The Big Giant Head in the sitcom “Third Rock From the Sun.” Shatner and John Lithgow—now there’s some great casting!

(There’s a trend here…you know, if you can’t see the clip above…you know what to do.)

Finally tonight, who could forget Shatner’s epic turn on Saturday Night Live back in the 80’s where he first uttered the immortal words, “GET A LIFE!”

(If you really feel you need to get a life, you can do so here.)

That wraps up night three of Shatnermas! Tomorrow, we’ll find some favorite Star Trek moments!