On the First Day of Shatnermas…

I'm Sorry, But I Can't Hear You

The time has arrived, fellow Trek Geeks!  Time to celebrate the gift that keeps on giving year after year–none other than actor/director/author/recording artist/renaissance man, William Shatner!

Here at TrekGeeks, we celebrate The Shat by giving him his own holiday which has taken on the name “Shatnermas.”  It’s eight days of celebrating our very own icon of pop culture with highlights from his amazing career.

That said and since we’re close to Christmas, what better way to kick off Shatnermas 2013 than with a bit from the 2004 Comedy Central Denis Leary’s Merry F***n’ Christmas special called, “Christmas with Mr. Shatner!”

(If you are unable to see the embedded clip above, please click here.)

But that’s not all!  You can’t celebrate Shatner without a little KirkFu!  Here are the Captain Kirk’s top 10 fight moves, as documentd by WatchMojo.com…

(What?! You can’t see the glory of the KirkFu in the video above?!  Click here, then!)

Shatnermas rolls on tomorrow in Day Two!  Merry Shatnermas, fellow Geeks!!