Vegas Trek Convention now at 92 Guests!


Creation Entertainment’s 12th Annual Official Star Trek Convention kicks off at the Rio All Suites Hotel and Casino in Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada a mere seven weeks from today on August 8th!

Creation recently announced that the convention has 92 confirmed guests appearing before fans–surpassing their orignal goal of 80 guests set earlier this year! ┬áThis should be an amazing event and I’ll be there Tweeting from the Convention on select days on the TrekGeeks Twitter account so be sure to follow us for updates from Sin City!

The guest list as of today is:

William Shatner
Avery Brooks
Kate Mulgrew
George Takei
Nichelle Nichols
Walter Koenig
Jeri Ryan
Jonathan Frakes
Gates McFadden
Brent Spiner
Marina Sirtis
Michael Dorn
LeVar Burton
Nana Visitor
Rene Auberjonois
Ronald D. Moore
Ira Steven Behr
Brannon Braga
Terry Farrell
Nicole de Boer
Joel Gray
Connor Trinneer
Dominic Keating
John de Lancie
Robert Picardo
Linda Park
Alexander Siddig
Anthony Montgomery
Denise Crosby
Robert Beltran
Cirroc Lofton
Grace Lee Whitney
Mark Sheppard
Armin Shimerman
Aron Eisenberg
Max Grodenchik
Casey Biggs
Marc Alaimo
Jennifer Lien
Jeffrey Combs
John Billingsley
Ethan Phillips
Vaughn Armstrong
Chase Masterson
Deep Roy
David Gerrold
Michael Demeritt
Michael Westmore
Paul Lynch
Joanna Cassidy
Kipleigh Brown
Gary Graham
Catherine Hicks
Adrienne Barbeau
Susie Plakson
Garrett Wang
Tim Russ
Rick Sternbach
Mike & Denise Okuda
Rod Roddenberry
Kitty Swink
Megan Gallagher
Chris Sarandon
James Darren
Andrew Robinson
Michael Berryman
Sally Kellerman
Rick Worthy
John Eaves
Michael Aron
Larry Nemecek
Steve Rankin
Andre Bormanis
Matt Frewer
Fred Williamson
Eric Pierpoint
Salome Jens
Don Stark
Eric Stillwell
Lolita Fatjo
Victor Brandt
William Wellman, Jr.
Charlie Brill
John Paladin
Crystal Allen
John Steuer
Lawrence Montaigne
Arlene Martel
Richard Herd
Natalija Nogulich
Stephen Manley

(The guest list is subject to change.)

This year also celebrates the 2oth anniversary of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s premiere! I look forward to that panel discussion AND the recently added photo op with the DS9 cast!

Hope to see you in Vegas!