Five Year Mission #001: FIRSTS!


Welcome to Episode 1 of Five Year Mission: The Podcast! If you’ve come this far, congratulations. You made it. Thanks to Bill and Dan over at Trek Geeks for giving us the bandwidth to put our voices in your ears every 2 weeks for a discussion about Star Trek, our band and a few jokes here and there.

On the first episode, Chris, Fark, Mike and Noah focus on how we individually discovered and came to love Star Trek (there might be some overlap with a ceti eel in a couple of our origin stories) and our favorite convention experiences. So strap in and prepare yourselves.


Five Year Mission is a band writing a song based on every episode of Star Trek TOS. You can find out more about and buy all of our things over at Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube for more awesomeness.

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