Trek Geeks #259: When You Wish Upon a Trek

Who Would We Love to See in Trek?

This week, Bill & Dan spend a lot of time wishing and hoping! They’ve come up with their ultimate wish lists of actors they’d love to see in Star Trek someday as well as some characters they might play. We think some of the picks might surprise you!

Of course, there are rules:

  • 6-10 actors, none of whom can be Lance Reddick.
  • Actors must be living at time of recording.
  • Can’t ever have been in Star Trek in any capacity (no guest stars, no extras).
  • Someone you’d want to see as a series regular, either in a current series or a theoretical, made-up future series or reboot.
  • Be specific as to the role you’d like to see them play and why.

Who is on YOUR ultimate wish list? Let us know!


The album cover art for this week is by none other than Aaron Harvey, host of Infinite Trek! Follow him on Twitter @GeekFilter!