Trek Geeks #249: Nichelle & Uhura w/SyFy Sistas


This week on Trek Geeks, we begin a month-long series of special episodes for Black History Month.

We wanted to elevate the voices in our fandom that we thought you needed to hear so all February long, we’ll be featuring content from African American podcasters from our Star Trek fandom! Bill and Dan will bookend each episode, but we hope you enjoy the special content that has been put together by these amazingly talented and wonderful people.

Up first, our friends the SyFy Sistas will talk about the legacies of Nichelle Nichols and her iconic character Lt. Nyota Uhura, as well as what both of these women mean to them personally.


We are so truly grateful to Tamia, Fran, Subrina, Yvette, and JD for sharing their creativity, their positivity and their Star Trek fandom with the Trek Geeks audience.

You can find out more about the SyFy Sistas on their website,, and their fantastic podcast can be found just about everywhere.

Plus, you can find them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram so be sure to give them a follow!


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