Trek Geeks #197: Peak Performance


In the wake of the newly realized Borg threat, Starfleet has begun war games to test the strategy and the battle readiness of the crew and the USS Enterprise is front and center.

Their opponent is the derelict starship USS Hathaway that shouldn’t have a chance–but with Will Riker in command, anything is possible!

“Peak Performance” is the last totally original episode in Season 2 of Star Trek: The Next Generation before the 1989 Writers Strike, and it’s a fun watch. Sure, this episode has a bunch of issues, but it doesn’t take away from how truly fantastic it is, and we’ll talk about why!

Joining us to break down this episode is our great friend Dan Garcia, the host of Trek Geeks Game Night on our YouTube channel!

Plus, we’ll giveaway the framed FanSets Women of Trek set to one lucky listener on this week’s episode of The Flagship!


Episode 5 of Five Year Mission: The Podcast is available now and this week sees the band chatting with writer Steve Palopoli who penned a couple of 5YM related articles for!

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