Trek Geeks #89: TNG 30


TNG 30This year mark’s the 30th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation and kicking off our celebration early!

We’ll talk about the launch of the second Trek series–our initial thoughts when it was announced, our concerns, and we’ll even confess to thinking the show would be a huge failure…

We’ve never been so glad to be wrong in our lives–especially considering that NextGen ran for 178 episodes!

Plus, we’ll talk about our favorite and least favorite episodes as well as when we think TNG achieved legendary, must-see status!

Don’t forget, there’s news to talk about, too!  There’s a new interview with Star Trek: Discovery’s Doug Jones!

We’ll have a lot of TNG related content this year to honor this milestone anniversary and this look back is just the beginning.


Five Year MissionWe can never thank FIVE YEAR MISSION enough for allowing us to use their music in our podcast each and every week. Please do check them out–they’re writing and recording one original song for each episode of the classic Star Trek series from the 1960’s.

Set a course for their website at and check out all of their amazing albums!  You can hear them all: Year One, Year Two, Year Three, The Trouble with Tribbles, and of course, the amazing Spock’s Brain!  Plus, don’t forget that they are working on Year Four right now! Even more 5YM!

We definitely want to see them back as the House Band for this year’s Star Trek convention in Las Vegas because it’s not STLV without 5YM!! Don’t forget to let Creation Entertainment know you’d like to see them, too! Tweet them, Facebook them, email them…and be sure to use the hashtag #5YMSTLV2017!

Here’s a rundown of the Five Year Mission songs you’ll hear in this episode!
The Cage – [Track 1] – Year One
The Trouble With Tribbles 6 – [Track 6] – The Trouble With Tribbles

Bumper Music
Awful Lot of Trouble – [Track 4] – Spock’s Brain
Court Martial – [Track 2] – Year Two


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