Trek Geeks #75: Trek50


Trek50A year in the making…

Last year, we began to ask listeners for their stories of the first time they ever watched Star Trek. Since then, we’ve been compiling stories from voice mails, SpeakPipe messages, emails, and live recordings at STLV50.

Today, we present them to you as our love letter and tribute to the adventures we all love so much.

We hope you’ll all enjoy this tribute to Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary. We truly can’t thank those who participated enough. Your recollections have helped to make this episode a true love letter to Trek and certainly one to remember.

Happy 50th Anniversary to all of us!


Five Year Mission

Music for the Trek Geeks Podcast is graciously provided by our friends, the band FIVE YEAR MISSION!

We can’t begin to thank Noah, Fark, Patrick, Mike, and Chris enough for allowing us to use all of their amazing music for the podcast every week. Please, do yourself a favor and check all of their albums: Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, The Trouble with Tribbles, and of course, Spock’s Brain!

Get yourself on over to and get ALL of their music. We promise, you’ll love it.

Here’s a rundown of which 5YM tracks we used in this episode!

The Cage – [Track 1] – Year One
The Trouble With Tribbles 6 – [Track 6] – The Trouble With Tribbles


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