Trek Geeks #51: Vic Mignogna


Vic Mignogna Returns!This week, Bill and Dan are joined by their good friend, Vic Mignogna from Star Trek Continues!

Vic comes by to talk about the latest crowdfunding campaign for his award-winning series, “To Boldly Indiegogo!” Over the next two months, STC hopes to raise $350,000 which will help them finish their seventh episode, as well as provide funding for three more installments!

In addition, we’ll talk about the state of fan films in the wake of litigation taken by CBS and how that may affect the crowdfunding landscape.  We’ll also chat about “The White Iris,” the perks for the current crowdfunding campaign, and we’ll have a couple of questions from our Camp Khitomer group on Facebook! He’ll even have an exclusive tidbit for our Trek Geeks listeners regarding their upcoming sixth episode, “Come Not Between the Dragons!”

Plus, we’ll cover some Star Trek news including:

PARENTAL ADVISORY: This week’s episode has some serious conversation around how Star Trek has actually helped prevent suicide. Some of the discussion may be intense for younger listeners.



Indiegogo video 1 from Star Trek Continues on Vimeo.

Find out more about the Star Trek Continues “To Boldly Indiegogo” crowd funding campaign now:

Their goal is to raise $350,000. With that money, they will:

  • Complete post-production on Episode 7
  • Produce three more episodes!
  • Cover rent and utility costs at “Stage 9” over the next 18 months (which have increased substantially due to our set expansion and the sole acquisition of “Stage 9” by Trek Continues Inc.)

They also have an additional stretch goal of $450,000 which would enable them to produce an additional episode as well as cover studio expenses long enough to do so.

Dan and Bill have seen first-hand the kind of care and detail that goes into making an episode of Star Trek Continues. There is no extravagance and the producers have never taken a salary from the production.  Most importantly, this show is fueled by love of Star Trek and the generosity of donors.

Five episodes of Star Trek Continues have been released and another two have been filmed. Here’s hoping that we can help them produce even more amazing episodes! We will “Boldly Indiegogo” and we hope you will, too!


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That’s because every single episode we use music from this year’s House Band at STLV50!  They’re our friends at Five Year Mission!

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