Trek Geeks #46: The Holiest Thing


Ep 46 - The Holiest ThingThis week, the Trek Geeks sit down to review the new episode from the folks over at Star Trek: New Voyages, “The Holiest Thing!”

This episode was originally supposed to be released nearly two years ago, but it was plagued by audio and lighting problems. There was a giant post-production effort to correct many of those issues, and the result has finally been released for Trek fans everywhere to view!

Bill and Dan will recap the episode and give their thoughts on everything from the story, to the visual effects, and what it means in the Star Trek universe overall.

Also in today’s episode, we’ll chat about a huge announcement regarding products tied to Star Trek’s 50th anniversary, a huge update from our good friends at Star Trek Continues regarding the release of their next episode, “Come Not Between the Dragons,” and a troublesome revelation from William Shatner as reported by the Washington Post.

Plus–birthday songs! Dan put out the call for birthday songs last week, and we were so lucky to receive two from a couple of our amazing listeners!

So, settle in for this episode but, be forewarned: THIS PODCAST EPISODE IS FILLED WITH SPOILERS. If you haven’t seen “The Holiest Thing” yet, stop now and watch the video below first!


(If you are unable to see the embedded video for “The Holiest Thing” above, please click here to watch the episode on YouTube.)


You can watch the commentary track we mention in this episode by clicking here:


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