Trek Geeks #38: Star Trek – The Next Chapter




Ten long years.  That’s how long it’s been since we’ve been able to watch new episodes of Star Trek. This week, CBS made an announcement that shook fandom to its very core:

We’re getting a brand new Star Trek series in January of 2017!

Bill and Dan will take a look at the announcement made by CBS on November 2, 2015 which gave details on how the new series would be broadcast: a national premiere on the CBS Television Network with all episodes after that available on their streaming platform, CBS All Access. They’ll discuss what we know from the announcement, what we don’t know, and what we might be able to expect from a brand new Star Trek!

Ep 38 - Star Trek The Next ChapterIn addition, they’ll talk about the reaction among fans on social media, and how there have been some very loud, negative voices.

Plus, voice mails and a listener question, all in this week’s brand new episode of Trek Geeks – A Star Trek Podcast, “Star Trek – The Next Chapter!”

…and, by the way…did we mention WE’RE GETTING A NEW STAR TREK SERIES??!?!??!?!?!?!?

(CORRECTION: In the podcast episode, Bill mentions that the first month is free on All Access when, in fact, the first week is free when you subscribe to the service.)


We can’t thank the guys in Five Year Mission enough for allowing us to use their amazing music each and every episode! Please–support them. Go out to and check out their music, including their new album, “Spock’s Brain!”

Plus, we really want them back as the House Band at Creation Entertainment’s Official 5oth Anniversary Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas in 2016. Please send a message to Creation and to CBS to let them know you would, too!


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