Trek Geeks #30: Could It Happen??


It’s amazing where the inspiration for podcast content can come from–and this episode, truth be told, is due in large part to STLV. With “Force Friday” having happened this past week and it being Labor Day Weekend here in the United States, what better time to break from our standard format and have a round table discussion?

One morning over a sumptuous breakfast of some incredible corned beef hash at the Hash House a Go Go in Las Vegas, Dan and Bill were joined by their good friends Craig Ewing and Chris Mumfrey in a discussion on Star Trek versus Star Wars…but from a completely different angle…

Could Darth Vader be assimilated by the Borg??

Plus, we’ll talk about the recent video where they pitted the two franchises against one another–and then we’ll tell you why their video is thoroughly wrong. Bill might even confess to owning the entire Buck Rogers in the 25th Century series in this episode, too. Allegedly.

We hope you’ll enjoy this roundtable discussion on Episode 30 of the Trek Geeks Podcast!

May the Force Be With You!

PROGRAMMING NOTE: This episode has been tagged as EXPLICIT in iTunes due to some mild language. We know many listeners hear the podcast with kids in the car and we wanted to provide a warning. This episode is PG-13 in parts.


They’re completely wrong, but you can see what we’re talking about below…


We can’t thank the guys of Five Year Mission enough for letting us use their music on the Trek Geeks Podcast.

Go buy Spock’s Brain!
Go buy Spock’s Brain!
Go buy Spock’s Brain!

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