Trek Geeks #28: STLV Wrap-Up & Ashley V. Robinson

IS IT 2016 YET?

It was one amazing time, that’s for sure!

Bill and Dan have returned from the gigantic Official Star Trek Convention in (Fabulous) Las Vegas, Nevada!

They met new friends…

They got autographs…

They took pictures…

…and they laughed a LOT.

They also came back with the mysterious “Khan Krud” that seemed to affect a lot of people who attended. Now that they’ve finally recovered from that, they wrap up their experiences at STLV and talk about some of their lasting memories from this year’s trip!

Plus, we’re also joined by one of the new friends we made during the trip–none other than Ensign Williams from the web series, “The Red Shirt Diaries!” Ashley Victoria Robinson will talk about her favorite moments of the convention and tell us about the upcoming second season of RSD which debuts new, weekly episodes on YouTube starting Monday, September 14th!

Plus, find out all about Dan’s inability to set an alarm clock–all in this episode of the Trek Geeks Podcast!


The best way to prepare for season 2 of The Red Shirt Diaries is to catch season 1 all over again! You can do it–there’s 10 episodes and we believe in you! (Well, Bill does.  Dan…not so much.)



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