Trek Geeks #21: Suzie Plakson


Suzie Plakson

She’s made only five appearances across various incarnations of Star Trek, but the characters she has portrayed have left an indelible impact on fans. A Vulcan…a half Klingon…a Q…an Andorian…we’re speaking, of course, about our guest on this week’s episode of the Trek Geeks Podcast–the amazing Suzie Plakson!

Suzie chats with Dan and Bill on her appearances in Star Trek, her emceeing the closing ceremonies of Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas, her recurring role on the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother, and her book “The Return of King Lillian!”

Plus, find out how you can get a free download of Suzie’s audiobook of “The Return of King Lillian,” in which she performs all of the characters!




Suzie has also shared a couple of special photos from her personal collection. They are behind the scenes of her first appearance in Trek, in costume for TNG’s “The Schizoid Man” in November of 1988! (You can see larger versions of the photos by clicking on them.)

How does Dr. Selar relax between takes? By catching up on the latest news in science, of course.

(Photo Courtesy of Suzie Plakson)
Suzie as Dr. Selar and Michael Dorn in full make-up and costume as Worf on the TNG soundstage.

(Photo Courtesy of Suzie Plakson)



kinglillianFor a limited time, Suzie Plakson is making available a free download of her audiobook of “The Return of King Lillian!” To get your copy, send an email to and be sure to mention the Trek Geeks Podcast to get your free copy–that’s all you have to do!

This is an exclusive offer just for listeners of the Podcast, and we truly appreciate Suzie’s generosity.  Hurry, though–this offer runs from July 10 through August 31, 2015!




Keep up with Suzie Plakson via her Official Facebook Page!



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