Trek Geeks #13: Kim Stinger


This week, Bill and Dan are joined by Starfleet’s finest Communications Officer on the Trek Geeks Podcast–the delightful Kim Stinger from Star Trek Continues!

An actress who has appeared on television, in film, and in commercials, Kim chats about meeting the legendary Nichelle Nichols, taking on the iconic role of Uhura, and what it’s like on the set of Star Trek Continues. Plus, Bill and Dan start the hashtag #GiveUhuraCommand while discussing the possibility of Kim taking the Center Seat on the Bridge of the Enterprise!

We hope you enjoy our conversation with Kim Stinger!


There are some audio quality issues due to internet lag during our Skype call with Kim. There are a couple of instances where it sounds like her audio goes in slow motion for a few seconds. We apologize in advance for the quality issues and hope you’ll enjoy the episode.






As always, we can’t thank the guys of Five Year Mission enough for letting us use their music for the Trek Geeks Podcast! Check out their all-original songs based on TOS episodes from their Year 1, Year 2, and Year 3 albums online at!


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