Vic Mignogna

Star Trek Continues


No one has appeared on Trek Geeks more than Vic Mignogna the Executive Producer and star of the fan film series, Star Trek Continues.

Every time he is on the show, we get the most amazing stories regarding the production of his critically acclaimed series!

You can listen to all of Vic’s appearances on Trek Geeks below!

Episode 121: To Boldly Go, Part II

THE END OF AN ERA This week, we welcome our dear friend Vic Mignogna back for his record eighth appearance on Trek Geeks...

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Episode 118: To Boldly Go, Part I

SPOILER ALERT This week on Your Independent Star Trek Podcast, we look at the newly released tenth episode of Star Trek Continues! “To...

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Episode 112: What Ships Are For

SPOILER ALERT! This week we take a look at the ninth installment of the acclaimed web series Star Trek Continues, “What Ships Are For.”...

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Episode 99: Still Treads the Shadow

SPOILER ALERT!  It has been too long since the cast and crew of Star Trek Continues released Episode 7, so we have been waiting...

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Supplemental #2: Vic Mignogna

SPOILER ALERT In our second Supplemental Episode in as many weeks, we’re joined by our great friend Vic Mignogna to talk about the...

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