Discovering Trek

A Star Trek: Discovery Companion

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Hosted by Dan Davidson & Bill Smith from Trek Geeks, Discovering Trek will be the definitive look at each episode of Star Trek: Discovery! This podcast will look at the story and characters, but will also look to see what we might discover about humanity–and maybe even ourselves–in the process. This podcast is filled with SPOILERS, so be sure to have watched the current episode of Star Trek: Discovery before listening.

Discovering Trek: Season 2 Trailer Reaction

KICKING OFF SEASON 2! This past weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, the brand-new trailer for Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery was released–and was it ever amazing! We’ll examine this preview of what’s to come...

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Discovering Trek: Summer Spectacular

LOOKING AHEAD TO SEASON 2 In this bonus Summer Spectacular episode of Discovering Trek, Dan & Bill take a look at some of the news and developments ahead of Star Trek: Discovery’s second season.  Plus,...

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Discovering Trek: Drastic Measures

AUTHOR DAYTON WARD In this bonus episode, Dan & Bill are joined by New York Times Best Selling Author Dayton Ward to discuss his brand new Star Trek: Discovery tie-in novel, Drastic Measures! Plus, we’ll...

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Discovering Trek: S1 Wrap-Up Extravaganza

SPOILER ALERT In our Season 1 Wrap-Up Extravaganza, Dan & Bill are joined by special guest Ken Ray from Mission Log: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast to talk about the Star Trek: Discovery’s entire first...

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Discovering Trek S01E15: Will You Take My Hand?

SPOILER ALERT The first season finale of Star Trek: Discovery bring us to the Klingon homeworld and a battle with our own principles! This week we’ll break down Episode 15, “Will You Take My Hand”...

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Discovering Trek S01E14: The War Without, the War Within

SPOILER ALERT The fourteenth episode of Star Trek: Discovery finds us in the midst of a war with the Klingons that is not going well. Join us for “The War Without, the War Within” as...

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Discovering Trek S01E13: What’s Past is Prologue

SPOILER ALERT The thirteenth episode of Star Trek: Discovery concludes our trip into the Mirror Universe! Join us for “What’s Past is Prologue” as we discover exactly what Gabriel Lorca is up to! Joining Dan...

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Discovering Trek S01E12: Vaulting Ambition

SPOILER ALERT The twelfth episode of Star Trek: Discovery continues the adventure in the Mirror Universe! Join us for “Vaulting Ambition” as we learn more about the Terran Emperor! We’ll examine this episode with our...

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Discovering Trek S01E11: The Wolf Inside

SEASON 1, EPISODE 11 SPOILER ALERT The eleventh episode of Star Trek: Discovery continues our journey through the looking glass! Join us for “The Wolf Inside” as we continue to dive in to the Mirror...

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Discovering Trek S01E10: Despite Yourself

SEASON 1, EPISODE 10 SPOILER ALERT The tenth episode of Star Trek: Discovery sees our crew going boldly a bit too far! Join us for “Despite Yourself” as we examine the kickoff of Chapter 2!...

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Discovering Trek: S1 Mid-Season Review

SEASON 1, MID-SEASON REVIEW In a special “Mid-Season Spectacular”, Dan & Bill are joined by living podcast legend John Champion from Mission Log to talk about the first half of Star Trek Discovery. From favorite...

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Discovering Trek S01E09: Into the Forest I Go

SEASON 1, EPISODE 9 SPOILER ALERT The ninth episode of Star Trek: Discovery brings us nose to nose with the Klingon Ship of the Dead! Join us for “Into the Forest I Go” as we...

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