The Original Series

Episode 66: The Omega Glory

Ep 66 - The Omega Glory


As we in the United States celebrate Independence Day on July 4th, we thought this would be PERFECT time to discuss The Original Series episode “The Omega Glory.”

Bill and Dan will give a run down of the episode, discuss what works and what doesn’t work, as well as what they like and don’t like.

Also, no discussion about TOS can go without Dan attempting to portray Captain Kirk, and this episode may have the most “Shatneriffic” speech in Trek history!  Will Dan be up for the challenge?

Plus, in Star Trek news, an old friend returns to the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C for permanent display – and she looks BEAUTIFUL, Bryan Fuller has some interesting tidbits on the new Star Trek series, the Bluetooth device of the ages is now available, Mega Bloks releases the HUGE Starship Enterprise model on July 22nd, and Van Citters speaks (and we love what he says)!

We may even sneak in a couple of surprises!  It is all here in Episode 66: The Omega Glory!


Spock's Brain - Available at FiveYearMission.netVegas and STLV50 are fast approaching and, before you know it, we’ll be treated to five straight days of Your House Band for the Creation Entertainment’s Official Star Trek Convention–FIVE YEAR MISSION!

We can’t begin to thank Noah, Fark, Patrick, Mike, and Chris enough for allowing us to use all of their amazing music for the podcast every week. Please, do yourself a favor and check all of their albums: Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, The Trouble with Tribbles, and of course, Spock’s Brain!

Get yourself on over to and get ALL of their music. We promise, you’ll love it.

Here’s a rundown of which 5YM tracks we used in this episode!


The Cage – [Track 1] – Year One
The Trouble With Tribbles 6 – [Track 6] – The Trouble With Tribbles

Bumper Music
Obsession – [Track 11] – Year 3
Return of the Archons – [Track 6] – Year 2


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Episode 55: The Worst of Times

“IT WAS THE WORST OF TIMES…Ep 55 - The Worst of Times

…it was the worst of times.  Message, Spock?”

“None that I am conscious of, except of course, these movies sucked.  Surely, the worst of times.”

This week on Trek Geeks, Dan and Bill tackle what they think are the worst of the Star Trek movies!

It isn’t always rainbows and unicorns and eternal happiness when it comes to good Trek stories and today’s discussion focuses on the the ones that they would both like to flush down the Trek toilet!

Once their lists have been revealed and discussed, it is THUNDERDOME time as they go head to head for the ultimate Star Trek Toilet Trophy for Worst Trek Film EVER!

Plus, from our friends at, we can look forward to a new BluRay of ST:TWOK, a new ST:BEYONNND trailer, and some rumors about the new CBS ALL ACCESS Star Trek series, set for launch in January 2017.  Also, we have a special favor to ask of the listeners of our podcast–and you could win $25 as a result!

And what’s this?  A special message from Balok?  Well then, sit!  Be comfortable!

The conversation may be about the worst, but you will have the BEST time tuning into this week’s episode!


All of the music you hear on Trek Geeks has been graciously provided by your house band for the Official 50th Anniversary Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas this summer–FIVE YEAR MISSION!

We truly can’t thank them enough for allowing us to use their music every single episode. Please go to their website and get yourself a copy of Spock’s Brain. While you’re at it, pick up all of their albums including Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, and The Trouble With Tribbles!


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Episode 45: Happy Birthday Trek Geeks!


Trek Geeks 1st BirthdayAfter an impromptu week off because of ailing parents, Dan and Bill are back–and it’s time to celebrate Trek Geeks’ First Birthday!

Last year at this time, we had no idea what to expect and it’s been nothing short of amazing. We’ll take a look back at the last year and some of our favorite moments, as well as what we’ve learned in the process of launching this show. In addition, we’ll also reveal our favorite episodes of the podcast so far as we look to the future!

Then, it’s time for some role playing: imagine you’re the only person stationed at an outpost in the furthest reaches of the galaxy. What Star Trek episodes would you select to bring with you to watch until the end of time? Some of the answers may surprise you!

We’ll start the show with some current news developments including news about Star Trek Timelines, the latest developments in the lawsuit between CBS/Paramount and Axanar Productions, and an update on tickets for this year’s Official Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas!

It’s all in Episode 45 and, well, it’s our birthday…so check it out!



Star Trek Timelines is live!

Axanar has retained counsel for the suit brought by CBS and Paramount.

Peters: ‘Axanar Quality Spurred Lawsuit’

Alec Peters’ transcribed quotes from 1701News interview.



Buy all their albums online at FiveYearMission.netWe truly can’t thank the guys in Five Year Mission enough for allowing us to use their amazing music each and every episode! Please–support them. Go out to and check out their music, including their new album, “Spock’s Brain!”

In addition, we really want to see Five Year Mission back as the House Band at Creation Entertainment’s Official 5oth Anniversary Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas in 2016. Please send a message to Creation and to CBS to let them know you would, too!


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Episode 40: TOS State of Mind!


Ep 40 - TOS State of Mind

It’s really no surprise that we are still riding high from our visit to the Star Trek Continues set recently.  As a result of being immersed in the TOS Universe for several days, we felt it was only fitting to dedicate Episode 40 of the Trek Geeks Podcast to The Original Series.

We will mix it up a bit by talking about things that we love as well as things that we hate about Kirk’s crew.  First we will discuss the characters from the Original Series that we truly despised for one reason or another.  Which characters, whether special guests or series regulars that just got under our skin, and why?  Then, as if were hit by the spores of Omicron Ceti III we delve into our most loved episodes of TOS!  You may be surprised.  As we like to say, the “Champion Rule” dictates that someone’s most loved episode is someone else’s most hated!

Also, our friends at Star Trek Continues had a lot of news this past week.  We will discuss the ribbon cutting ceremony they had for the new Engine Room, the announced title of Episode 6, the surprise visit of the one and only Rod Roddenberry to the set (yes we did get to meet him) and what it felt like for us when STC posted a pic of us with the Captain himself on their official Facebook page!

In addition we will talk about the latest levels of the Star Trek Renegades fundraiser and whether or not we think they will meet there goal.  With just days to go at the time of recording, they are close, but are they close enough?

Plus, a short, fan made teaser for Star Trek Deep Space 9 on Blue Ray recently started getting some traction on the web.  We will discuss why one of us is very excited about the possibility, while the other thinks is completely meaningless!

All this, plus the triumphant return of a special all TOS version of Stump The Geek in this week’s all-new episode of Trek Geeks – A Star Trek Podcast.


Since recording this episode, Star Trek Renegades surpassed their crowdfunding goal of $350,000.00 with approximately 32 hours to go in the campaign. How quickly things can change in less than a day!


Here is the Deep Space 9 on BluRay fan made teaser trailer…you decide!



Buy all their albums online at FiveYearMission.netWe truly can’t thank the guys in Five Year Mission enough for allowing us to use their amazing music each and every episode! Please–support them. Go out to and check out their music, including their new album, “Spock’s Brain!”

Plus, we really want them back as the House Band at Creation Entertainment’s Official 5oth Anniversary Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas in 2016. Please send a message to Creation and to CBS to let them know you would, too!


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Nimoy Reveals COPD Diagnosis


Earlier this week, paparazzi photographers captured images of Star Trek star Leonard Nimoy being pushed through JFK Airport in New York City in a wheelchair, receiving oxygen from a portable oxygen concentrator.

Last night, Nimoy revealed the reason why the oxygen was necessary via his verified Twitter feed.

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)  is often a mix of two diseases: chronic bronchitis and emphysema and is caused by damage to the lungs over many years.  While it is almost always caused by smoking, one can also be at risk for COPD due to air pollution, dust, chemical fumes, and even secondhand smoke over a long period of time.

It is most commonly diagnosed in people over 60 years of age. Leonard Nimoy turns 83 on March 26.

COPD cannot be cured, but it can be managed. Recommended steps include:

     -Avoiding tobacco smoke and air pollution
     -Limit symptoms (like shortness of breath)
     -Increase activity level
     -Improve overall health
     -Prevent and treat flare-ups

It is also not uncommon for people with COPD to receive supplementary oxygen, as Nimoy was pictured with in New York.

Many people with COPD are able to manage their condition and still take part in daily activities and events.

We here at TrekGeeks maintain he looks pretty amazing for 82 years young and we are very glad that he’s being treated for the condition by his doctor.

It’s certainly not an easy condition to live with but, like everything else, our favorite Adopted Grandpa appears to be approaching it with the same poise and grace with which he approaches everything else in life.

Live Long and Prosper, Mr. Nimoy!


On the Fourth Day of Shatnermas…

William Shatner

Merry 4th of Shatnermas!  May you all be at one with the body!

Tonight, we’re going to look at some of the best Shat moments in the original Star Trek series. There are SO many, but these ones are some of my absolute favorites. I present them here for your enjoyment and in celebration of the season.

Let us first begin with the style of the man himself, which some have described as…Shatnerian.

(If you are unable to see the acting tutorial above, please click here!)

One of my favorites is the end of the episode, “The Man Trap,” where Captain Kirk is in the clutches of the Salt Monster!

(See the full episode of “The Man Trap” on Hulu!)

In the Omega Glory, The Shat introduces us to the word “trahnquility.”

(See the full episode of “The Omega Glory” on Hulu!)

Plus, there’s always, “I AM KIROK!!!!”

(See the full episode of “The Paradise Syndrome,” on Hulu! I’m noticing a trend here…)

Another great scene from “Return to Tomorrow” which also guest stars Diana Muldaur who would later go on to star as Dr. Katherine Pulaski in season 2 of TNG.

(Let your lungs fill with air again, here.)

Lastly, what collection of TOS clips would be complete without The Shat getting in touch with his feminine side in the final episode of Star Trek?

(“Turnabout Intruder” can be seen in all its glory on Hulu.)

With that, we draw night 4 of Shatnermas to a close!  Tomorrow, we’ll look at some of The Shat’s commercial endorsements and appearances over the years!


“Star Trek Trexels” Available on iOS App Store



A new Star Trek game has appeared in the iOS App Store called, “Star Trek Trexels.”

Developed by YesGnome LLC, Trexels looks like an 8-bit game-lover’s dream. It’s a game that’s not unlike “Tiny Tower”, but there are Starfleet explorations, ship battles, and even phaser fire fights to make it interesting to the Trek Geek in all of us.

The following description is taken from the game’s official page on the iTunes website:

*** Take command of YOUR very own starship! ***The USS Valiant has been destroyed by an unknown attacker, and Starfleet has chosen YOU to continue its mission deep within a mysterious area of space known as the Trexelian Expanse. Build your ship, choose your crew, learn the fate of the Valiant, and explore the Expanse in the name of the Federation.

Good luck. Starfleet out.“SPACE: THE FINAL FRONTIER”
Get ready to explore the Galaxy like no one has before, as you journey across a vast galactic map!

YOU decide how your ship is built. Choose from dozens of different room types and modifications, and put those red shirts to work!

Assign officers to key posts, train them to increase their abilities, and send them on exciting Away Missions!

A temporal rift in the Expanse has caused old foes and surprising new allies to find their way into this unexplored region of space. Luckily, you’ve also got the brand-new LCARS interface to aid your mission!

Featuring narration by the one and only George Takei, the game also includes the original music from Star Trek™: The Original Series!

Faster than you can say, “Make it so,” look for future updates that will truly take the Trexels experience into the ‘next generation’… of mobile games.

Key Features:
Narrated by the one and only George Takei
Music from the original series
Gameplay using a next generation LCARS interface
Unique “Trexelated” art style
Exciting Space Combat and Away Missions
Customize your ship for maximum efficiency 





I downloaded the game on an iOS device and the best thing I can say about it is that it’s “just OK.” The game play is interesting for about the first hour, but if you’re playing it on an iPhone, the screen is terribly small.  Plus, if you really want to progress, you have to make in-game purchases of dilithium.  I don’t have a problem with that, but it certainly keeps me from playing the game and building my Starship as much as I might otherwise.

The other thing that I wish were different about the game is the fact that if I leave it alone too long, I get a notification on my phone that I should come back and play—even if the in-game notifications are set to “off.”

All things considered, Trexels isn’t a terrible way to pass a little time and explore The Final Frontier.


“Star Trek Continues” Premieres First Episode

stc01Earlier this week, the web series “Star Trek Continues” premiered it’s inaugural episode!  STC picks up the original 5 year mission of the U.S.S. Enterprise right where it left off with all new adventures.

Pilgrim of Eternity” is a  follow-up to the season 2 Original Series episode, “Who Mourns for Adonais?”  It features original guest star Michael Forest reprising his role as Apollo, whom the Enterprise encounters now much older and  now dying.

In watching “Pilgrim of Eternity,” I felt like I was watching what would have been the 80th episode of “Star Trek,” had it continued into a fourth season.  The sets, the lighting, the cinematography, the music cues…all of it evokes the style and the pace of the “Star Trek” we all know and love so dearly.

stc02Additionally, the performance of the cast is wonderful in the first episode.  I can only imagine how intimidating it must be to step into the shoes of characters that are pop culture icons. Each of the actors gives a solid performance and avoids slipping into caricature which is highly commendable.

Vic Mignogna stars as Captain Kirk and it’s a performance that I think both honors and respects the Original Series.  He’s nailed many of the nuances of Shatner’s Kirk with finesse.  Solid performances are also given by Todd Haberkorn as Mr. Spock and Larry Nemecek as Dr. McCoy.  A familiar face stars as Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott as Chris Doohan’s performance is both a delight and a familiar touch on his father’s beloved character.  Rounding out the Bridge Crew are Kim Stinger as Lt. Uhura, Wyatt Lenhart as Ensign Chekov, and Mythbusters’ Grant Imahara as Lt. Sulu–each of whom has some great scenes, but I look forward to seeing more of them as new episodes are produced.

In addition to a great performance by Michael Forest, there’s also a great cameo by Battlestar Galactica’s Apollo–Jamie Bamber and, if you read the end credits closely, you’ll notice a cameo by another Star Trek regular which I won’t spoil!  (Let’s just say that it’s a nice touch and a choice that even Mr. Spock would find logical.)

“Pilgrim of Eternity” is entertaining and it’s a bit like comfort food for an Original Series Trekkie like me.  I look forward to seeing where this series takes us in the Final Frontier.

(If you are unable to see the embedded video above, you can watch “STC: Pilgrim of Eternity” here.)


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