Episode 47: Away Team Mission – Disruptor Beam


Disruptor Beam Star Trek TimelinesIn this week’s episode of Trek Geeks – A Star Trek Podcast, Dan and Bill embark on an Away Team mission to the offices of Disruptor Beam–the game company producing the brand new Star Trek Timelines game!

We sit down with Disruptor Beam CEO Jon Radoff and Marketing Director Elicia Basoli to talk about the reaction to the game’s release and the feedback from Star Trek fans. We’ll also discuss game play, changes made on the game from beta feedback, and what the future may hold!

Plus, we’ll talk a little Star Trek news: The new Star Trek series has a showrunner and the fan film, “Star Trek: Horizon” will leave Spacedock at the end of February! We’ll have our reactions to both items.

Dan also found a way to take over the show again, which means that Bill is subjected to yet another round of “Geek the Stump!” That’s right, Dan is bringing trivia to the table, and what’s left of Bill’s honor is on the line. Will he be victorious??

It’s all in Episode 47 of Trek Geeks!


Check out this guide on how to play the game!

(If you are not able to see the tutorial video for Timelines above, please click here.)


Win This Poster!

Disruptor Beam has given us two copies of the original limited-edition poster created exclusively for Star Trek Timelines by Cat Staggs, the talented artist who has created memorable covers for Star Trek comics and much more.

Conceived as an homage to legendary illustrator Bob Peak – best known to fans for his work on the first five Star Trek movie posters–this piece brings together five iconic captains and a mysterious space-time anomaly under the all-seeing gaze of Q himself.

This theatrical “one sheet” is 27” wide x 40” tall and it’s guaranteed to look amazing on your wall–all you have to do is enter the drawing!

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Check out the latest preview from this amazing looking fan film! It premieres to the world February 28th, 2016 on YouTube!

(If you are unable to see the preview of Horizon above, please click here.)



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While we were at Disruptor Beam, both Jon and Elicia participated in our Trek50 Project and told us the stories of how they started their Star Trek Fandom!

All you have to do is tell us about the very first time you ever watched Star Trek!  Find out more in today’s episode or on our Trek50 page!



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Episode 45: Happy Birthday Trek Geeks!


Trek Geeks 1st BirthdayAfter an impromptu week off because of ailing parents, Dan and Bill are back–and it’s time to celebrate Trek Geeks’ First Birthday!

Last year at this time, we had no idea what to expect and it’s been nothing short of amazing. We’ll take a look back at the last year and some of our favorite moments, as well as what we’ve learned in the process of launching this show. In addition, we’ll also reveal our favorite episodes of the podcast so far as we look to the future!

Then, it’s time for some role playing: imagine you’re the only person stationed at an outpost in the furthest reaches of the galaxy. What Star Trek episodes would you select to bring with you to watch until the end of time? Some of the answers may surprise you!

We’ll start the show with some current news developments including news about Star Trek Timelines, the latest developments in the lawsuit between CBS/Paramount and Axanar Productions, and an update on tickets for this year’s Official Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas!

It’s all in Episode 45 and, well, it’s our birthday…so check it out!



Star Trek Timelines is live!

Axanar has retained counsel for the suit brought by CBS and Paramount.

Peters: ‘Axanar Quality Spurred Lawsuit’

Alec Peters’ transcribed quotes from 1701News interview.



Buy all their albums online at FiveYearMission.netWe truly can’t thank the guys in Five Year Mission enough for allowing us to use their amazing music each and every episode! Please–support them. Go out to and check out their music, including their new album, “Spock’s Brain!”

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Episode 22: Gaming Edition with Star Trek Timelines


If you were at the convention in Las Vegas last year, you probably saw the introduction of Star Trek Timelines, from Boston-based Disruptor Beam, Inc. Unlike other games in the Star Trek universe, this one will allow you to explore the galaxy and even resolve conflict instead of having to just shoot things. You’ll be able to discover the Final Frontier from your computer, tablet, or mobile device!

Today, we’ll learn more from Timelines Lead Designer Tim Crosby and Principal Game Designer David Heron who chat about everything from concept, game play, and even their own personal love of Star Trek as fans.

Then, Bill and Dan discuss their favorite (and their not-so-favorite) Star Trek games over the years across a variety of platforms. It’s an All-Gaming Edition of the Trek Geeks Podcast, so line up your Code Red, your Doritios, and get ready to hit Start…it’s GAME ON, and we’ve got next!



Gain early access to the game and get the latest updates by joining the Star Trek Timelines Bridge Crew–and even get an in-game Tribble at launch!


See YouTube videos for all the games Dan and Bill talk about below!

Bill’s List



Star Trek Strategic Operations Simulator Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Harbinger
Star Trek 25th Anniversary (NES) Star Trek: Shattered Universe
Star Trek: Voyager – The Arcade Game Star Trek: Starfleet Academy
Star Trek Generations

Star Trek Strategic Operations Simulator, along with many other 80’s arcade games, can all be played at American Classic Arcade Museum at Funspot in Laconia, New Hampshire!

Dan’s List



Star Trek Armada Star Trek Legacy
Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force Star Trek: The Game
Star Trek Online Star Trek: Bridge Commander

And then, there’s the best Star Trek video game they never made–Star Trek: The Secret of Vulcan Fury! How could you not want to play this after seeing the trailer below, we ask you?



We can’t thank the guys of Five Year Mission enough for letting us use their music on the Trek Geeks Podcast. Their Spock’s Brain album is out RIGHT NOW, so mosey on over to their website and get yourself a copy already! #MAKEITSO!

Plus, check out their other albums and see where they’re performing next at



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“Star Trek Trexels” Available on iOS App Store



A new Star Trek game has appeared in the iOS App Store called, “Star Trek Trexels.”

Developed by YesGnome LLC, Trexels looks like an 8-bit game-lover’s dream. It’s a game that’s not unlike “Tiny Tower”, but there are Starfleet explorations, ship battles, and even phaser fire fights to make it interesting to the Trek Geek in all of us.

The following description is taken from the game’s official page on the iTunes website:

*** Take command of YOUR very own starship! ***The USS Valiant has been destroyed by an unknown attacker, and Starfleet has chosen YOU to continue its mission deep within a mysterious area of space known as the Trexelian Expanse. Build your ship, choose your crew, learn the fate of the Valiant, and explore the Expanse in the name of the Federation.

Good luck. Starfleet out.“SPACE: THE FINAL FRONTIER”
Get ready to explore the Galaxy like no one has before, as you journey across a vast galactic map!

YOU decide how your ship is built. Choose from dozens of different room types and modifications, and put those red shirts to work!

Assign officers to key posts, train them to increase their abilities, and send them on exciting Away Missions!

A temporal rift in the Expanse has caused old foes and surprising new allies to find their way into this unexplored region of space. Luckily, you’ve also got the brand-new LCARS interface to aid your mission!

Featuring narration by the one and only George Takei, the game also includes the original music from Star Trek™: The Original Series!

Faster than you can say, “Make it so,” look for future updates that will truly take the Trexels experience into the ‘next generation’… of mobile games.

Key Features:
Narrated by the one and only George Takei
Music from the original series
Gameplay using a next generation LCARS interface
Unique “Trexelated” art style
Exciting Space Combat and Away Missions
Customize your ship for maximum efficiency 





I downloaded the game on an iOS device and the best thing I can say about it is that it’s “just OK.” The game play is interesting for about the first hour, but if you’re playing it on an iPhone, the screen is terribly small.  Plus, if you really want to progress, you have to make in-game purchases of dilithium.  I don’t have a problem with that, but it certainly keeps me from playing the game and building my Starship as much as I might otherwise.

The other thing that I wish were different about the game is the fact that if I leave it alone too long, I get a notification on my phone that I should come back and play—even if the in-game notifications are set to “off.”

All things considered, Trexels isn’t a terrible way to pass a little time and explore The Final Frontier.


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