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Episode 99: Still Treads the Shadow


It has been too long since the cast and crew of Star Trek Continues released Episode 7, so we have been waiting as patiently as possible for the latest adventure from our friends at STC.

As Nero would say, “The wait is over!” and we are thrilled that Episode 8 of this highly acclaimed fan production is now available.  Released to fans over the weekend of April  1st, “Still Treads the Shadow” continues the story first told in the TOS episode “The Tholian Web.”

While investigating an event horizon in an uninhabited system, the crew of the Enterprise are shocked to come across the U.S.S Defiant, thought to be lost in interspace over a year ago!  The surprises don’t stop there when it is revealed that the Defiant has a single passenger on board, and the condition and identity of that someone is what the crew least expected!  We think you will agree that STC has once again given us an amazing episode filled with drama and awesome guest stars!

Plus, as a special bonus we are joined by The Captain himself, Vic Mignogna (in a record 4th appearance on Trek Geeks), to discuss this amazing story and the INCREDIBLE performance he gives in this episode.

It’s all in Episode 99 of “Your Independent Star Trek Podcast” and we hope you’ll join us!


Music for the Trek Geeks Podcast is graciously provided by our friends, the band FIVE YEAR MISSION!

We can’t begin to thank Noah, Fark, Patrick, Mike, and Chris enough for allowing us to use all of their amazing music for the podcast every week. Please, do yourself a favor and check all of their albums: Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, The Trouble with Tribbles, and of course, Spock’s Brain!  Plus, they are working on Year 4 RIGHT NOW!  We cannot wait to hear what the guys have in store in this new collection of Trek Music Awesomeness!

Get yourself on over to and get ALL of their music. We promise, you’ll love it.

Here’s a rundown of which 5YM tracks we used in this episode!

The Cage – [Track 1] – Year One
The Trouble With Tribbles 6 – [Track 6] – The Trouble With Tribbles

Bumper Music
Errand of Mercy – [Track 11] – Year 2
Awful Lot of Trouble – [Track 4] – Spock’s Brain
Gotta Save Spock’s Brain – [Track 7] – Spock’s Brain


Direct Download Link


Episode 81: The Pegasus


ep-81-the-pegasusThis week, Dan and Bill deep dive into arguably one of the very best episodes of TNG, “The Pegasus!”  Riker’s past comes back to haunt him in the form of his former Captain, Admiral Eric Pressman.  What is the secret they are both hiding from Captain Picard?  Terry O’Quinn shows us why he is one of our favorite actors with his portrayal of the admiral with questionable intentions.  Was he simply a “badmiral” or was he just “Lost” with his twisted sense of devotion to the Federation?  Either way, you can see the beginnings of John Locke himself start to form with this unique character.

Also, this is a very Riker-centric episode and they discuss why it may be one of the best for the development of this character.  Many relationships for Riker are put to the test due to the secret he is hiding and as a result he seems very unsure about the choices he is making!  Plus we will discuss if using this episode as the reference point for the series finale of Enterprise was a smart move by the studio, or just an attempt to pull in some hard core fans for what would be the last episode of Trek for more than a decade!

In addition, it was a quiet week for Star Trek news, but there are always little tidbits floating around in the quadrant, such as the first guest confirmation for STLV51!

So sit back, grab a glass of Romulan Ale and get comfortable next to your little phasing cloaking device because it’s all here in Episode 81 of the Trek Geeks Podcast!


24 Hours of G&TWe’re proud to support our friends at The G&T Show in their annual fundraiser THIS WEEKEND! We’ll be guests along with Fark from Five Year Mission in the Trial of the Century!

We hope you’ll check out the schedule of guests and join in the fun. More importantly, we hope you’ll consider donating to support their show for the upcoming year. They’ll be doing their live fundraiser for a full 24 hours–so be sure to keep checking in on them!

It all starts Saturday, October 29, 2016 at Noon EDT/9am PDT on their website!


Five Year MissionWe can’t thank FIVE YEAR MISSION enough. We are truly grateful to them for allowing us to use their music for every episode of Trek Geeks. You really should check them out–they’re writing and recording one original song for each episode of  the classic Star Trek series from the 1960’s.

Warp on over to their website at and check out all of their fantastic albums!  You can hear them all: Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, The Trouble with Tribbles, and of course, the amazing Spock’s Brain!  Plus, here is a little secret…they are working on Year 4 right now!

Here’s a rundown of the Five Year Mission songs you’ll hear in this episode!

The Cage – [Track 1] – Year One
The Trouble With Tribbles 6 – [Track 6] – The Trouble With Tribbles

Bumper Music
Errand of Mercy – [Track 11] – Year Two
Colder Than Russia – [Track 5] – Spock’s Brain


Direct Download Link:


Episode 20: Five Year Mission


We’re absolutely thrilled this week to be able to chat with Mike Rittenhouse, Andy Fark, and Chris Spurgin from the band Five Year Mission to talk about their brand new album, “Spock’s Brain,” dropping July 3rd!

We’ll chat about the new album, what it was like to be the House Band at the Official Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas last year, their upcoming CD release party, and there might even be a passing mention of the classic movie, “KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park.”

Plus, 5YM has a special treat for all the listeners of the Trek Geeks Podcast–they’re debuting one of the songs off the new album exclusively in this episode! You’ll get to hear the brand new track, “RC Spock” in this episode and only here prior to July 3rd.

It’s all in Episode 20 of the Trek Geeks Podcast!


Get yourself on over to the Five Year Mission website to get yourself a copy of Spock’s Brain! Click the Album Cover below!











See the video of “(For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched) Spock’s Brain” here now!


Direct Download Link


We thank Dan and Krazy Joe for their voice mails this week. Catch up to Krazy Joe’s MegaPodzilla Podcast here:

We’ll be back in two weeks with an all new episode featuring Suzie Plakson!


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